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Project Title

UX/UI Web Design: 

Location: Barcelona, Spain 

Dodo Web Design

Dodo is a community web platform designed to raise awareness and prevent the extinction of marine animals. The primary objective is to protect endangered animals while educating users about the significant extinction crisis. This project aimed to create an engaging and informative website that would empower users to take action and contribute to the conservation efforts.

To carry out the creation of the Dodo website, a series of phases and processes have been followed. From the ideation and conceptualization phase, through the design of the architecture, the wireframes to define the interface, the branding of the web, to finishing with the design and prototyping phase that showcase the final results.

Ideation & Conceptualization

During this phase, extensive research was conducted to understand the unique challenges faced by marine animals and the importance of conservation efforts. User personas were developed to gain insights into the target audience and their motivations. Ideas were brainstormed to create a concept that effectively communicated the message of marine animal conservation while fostering a sense of community and involvement.

Image by Max Lissenden
Image by Simon Ray

Information Architecture & Wireframes

To ensure an intuitive and organized user experience, the information architecture of the website was carefully designed. Wireframes were created, outlining the site's structure, navigation flow, and content hierarchy. 

Interface Design and Branding

The visual design of the Dodo website aimed to evoke a sense of empathy, urgency, and connection to marine animals. A cohesive visual identity was established, incorporating oceanic colors, relevant imagery, and clear typography. The interface design focused on creating an immersive and emotionally resonant experience for users, fostering their engagement and understanding of the conservation cause.

DODO WEB 3.jpg

Design and Prototyping

 High-fidelity designs were created, incorporating the brand elements and visual cues established earlier. The prototypes were developed, allowing stakeholders and users to interact with the website and provide valuable feedback. Iterative design refinements were made based on user testing and insights gathered during this phase.

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