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Project Title

Visual Brand Identity
& Content Creation  

Location: McAllen, TX 

Magbea  & Co. 

Magbea & Co. is a style driven brand that specializes in adorning one's daily essence.


Magbea & Co. is a style-driven brand that focuses on enhancing and reflecting one's daily essence through their products and services. The project aimed to establish a visually sophisticated visual identity and web design that aligned with the brand's offerings and values.

Storyboard Creation:

To enhance the brand storytelling and create engaging brand content, storyboards were developed. These storyboards provided a blueprint for visual storytelling, guiding the creative direction for photography and video shoots.


Photoshoot Execution: With the storyboards as a guide, a photoshoot was organized to capture high-quality visuals that showcased the brand's products and conveyed its style-driven approach. The carefully curated visuals from the photoshoot were then used across various brand touch-points, including the website, social media, and marketing materials.

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